January 8, 2009


Amazing, today I am the BIG 40. Am I over the hill yet??? LOL!!!

What a wonderful day. I got to sleep in and then rush Matthew to the Ped because he had a major earache. We then ate lunch in the car and then took our very sleepy, with Pain meds, little guy to his PT appointment. We then had to rush home so that Ryan could take a quick shower and then take Jessica to Ballet class. Right before they left for Ballet, we had my Birthday Pie and I opened my presents. I got a lovely hand made necklace, picture, and card from Jessica, some recycled toys from Hunter, lots of hugs and Happy Birthdays from Matthew, A Josh Groban CD and Dvd from Dh Ryan's father, and a beautiful Cherry Wood Jewelry Armiore from DH Ryan. When Ryan, Jessica, and Hunter came home from Ballet. Ryan and I said our Goodbye's and then went out to dinner. Ryan's dad watched the kids for us.

What a wonderful meal was had by all. We went to a local steakhouse and had a four course meal. It was very yummy and so quiet. We got a booth in the back and the aviance of the lighting and booth was so romantic. I had the best time , Ryan was so attentive and loving, and it was so quiet. With three young children, it is amazing how a little peace/quiet is so cherished!!!
The waiter brought out a brownie w/ icecream and choclate syrup with a candle on top. He and Ryan sang me Happy Birthday. Ryan and I then enjoyed a romantic dessert together.

After we paid the bill, Ryan and I went to Walgreens to pick up pull-ups for Hunter and Matthew and Cultrelle for Kids for Matthew. We then went home to all the children asleep. We now are spending a "Quiet" night together. (Wink, Wink, Wink)

This was the best 40th birthday I could have asked for!!!!

(Yes, there was some real life stuff included in my day. But that is quite normal here.) LOL!!!