May 31, 2008

A Big Thumbs Down to HEALTH NET GMC!!!
(((Part I)))

My Medical Supply Company and I, have spent the last month, trying to get my sons specialized formula authorized. He has been on it since he was five months old and all of the sudden Health Net GMC is not approving it's authorization. They are playing around. I know this because his GI gave them all the documentation they need for approval. The same documentation they ask for every few months. I can't believe this, we were supposed to get it on May 9Th!!!

Luckily/sadly, I had some extra cans, due to all the months Matthew got sick. They do not know that and I have not informed them. Thank God for these extra cans. I am so glad that I held on to them. So it comes to reason, that they do not care if Matthew lives or dies. His formula gives him the only protein and Calcium he gets in his diet. He has a total protein allergy that is well documented. How can you deny a formula that sustains a child's life. It will cost them a lot more if he starts violently throwing up, because I had to give him some other source of protein, and then he ends up in the hospital due to dehydration and Malnutrition.

I talked to Health Net GMC, yesterday. I told the customer service person what was going on. She told me that Health Net GMC goes through their secondary medical group(EHS) for authorization. Would I like for her to transfer me to them??? ((((WHAT)))) She tried to call the Health Net (EHS Medical Group)to see whats going on, they of course has closed early. GRRRR!!!! So now I have to call back on Monday. Lets just say, I was not a happy camper when I hung up the phone.

I feel very sorry for the person I talk to on Monday. Please Lord Help Me. I will be back soon with part two of this fiasco.

May 4, 2008

On The Run!!!

Yesterday, Ryan left for work and then came home Two hours later. First thing I assume is he got fired. I am in that "What Else Can Go Wrong!" mentality. No, He did not get fired! His boss let him go home early to spend time with me. Who knew, the guy actually has a heart! He noticed that Ryan was feeling down and pulled him in an office to talk. They talked for over an hour about my health issues. His boss said, "Do what you need to do for your family. In the end, they are what matter the most." Bossy guy also said to tell him if there is anything he can do personally or company wise for us. I am still a little pessimistic about all this, but I will give they guy a chance.

On to the fun part, Ryan kidnapped me and drove me up to the Tahoe Mountains. I love Tahoe. I love the mountains, the trees, the snow, the fresh clean air, and the beautiful lakes. When we got to Tahoe, we stopped at a roadside Burger Joint for lunch. The food was yummy. we actually sat outside on a picnic bench and enjoyed the cool crisp air. Next Ryan suprised me by taking me to do my next favorite thing.........Outlet Shopping! We found me some sandals and my favorite perfume at way below cost price. After we were done shopping Ryan took me for a drive around the lake. Did I tell you??? Tahoe Is Beautiful!!! After our drive it was time to drive home. Before we left, we did stop off at our favorite Pizza place in the whole world and bought a pie to take home.

Ryan gave me such a beautiful day. He held my hand alot during the trip and told me that we will make it through this. He said that we will fight this and that we can't give up, that we need to do everything we can to find out why I am sick, and then find me the help I need. Most importantly he wants me to be strong and fight. I am so glad that we have each other. Ryan completes me. Sometimes I take for granted how much we love each other and then it takes something like this to happen to jump start my heart. I love him and he gives me more than he will ever know.

May 2, 2008

That I may not live to see my children grow up.....
(I am sad tonight so please forgive my pity party!)
I knew when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that I may not be around forever. But with the advances in medicine, I leaned on the hope of a cure or at least the slowing of this diseases progress. I started Betaseron shots every other day, I took better care of myself, I watched even more of what I was eating, I ate mostly organic foods, and I took vitamins. My MS has progressed more than I would have liked. It is unbelieveable how much of the body can be affected by this disease. Though, all in all, I have adapted and accepted every change pretty well.
Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Diabetes, for some reason this diagnosis was harder to bear. I am still trying to learn how to deal with it. I hate the finger pricks, counting carbs, and the added medication. what's worse to me, is the horrible way I feel when my sugars are out of whack. I know diabetes unmonitored is deadly, so I do everything I am supposed too. I do it all so that I can be around to see my children grow up.
Today, I went to the Dr. for a diabetes check and to see what my blood tests revealed.
The blood tests were to see:
1. How long I have had diabetes....probably about a year.
2. If my kidney's have been affected.....thankfully No.
3. If my liver was healthy enough to go on a second more effective
Diabetes Medication....the anwser is....NO!!!
To the shock and dismay of everyone in the room.......I am in the early stages of Liver Failure.
Since I don't drink, do drugs, don't have Hepititas, and haven't had diabetes long enough to cause this, the Dr. is going to have to run a bunch of tests to find out why. I am also going to have another specialist added to my list. He seemed extremely puzzled/worried. I can live with MS, I can live with managed Diabetes, I cannot live without a liver. I won't even qualify for a transplant because of my other pre-existing diseases/disorders. The doctor made it pretty clear that we need to find out what is causing my liver failure ASAP because my liver enzymes were at a pretty high. At this point we can do nothing until we find out what is causing this. Ryan and I feel so helpless. I hate feeling helpless.
I did find out that my Cholestrol was in excellent shape. I am at no risk for heart disease. I joked with Ryan, "That if I died, at least I could donate my heart!" Ryan did not find this funny at all.
I can't figure out what is going on. All I want to do is live to see my children grow up. I am in no way giving up on that dream, but another thought keeps creeping into my head. What if God has other plans!!! What if I don't agree with those plans? Does it make me a bad person. Our family has gone through so much. It wouldn't be fair to them or me, if I was gone. Why, why, why???? I just want to live to see my children grow up!!!!