March 8, 2008

So Time Has Passed!!!

I am sorry for the long spans of time between my blogs. It has been very hard to blog latley. I get on every almost every day, but have been feeling so overwhelmed, that I just can't seem to figure out what to write. I hate always writing about the negative in my life. I want to write about the wonderful, great, exciting things that are going on in my families life. To tell you the truth, I would love those things for a change. So instead, I remain silent and read all your amazing blogs. I decided today that I would try to blog a little more than I have been. So I am going to open a little window into what has been going on in each of my children's life.


My little girl is growing up. Monday, I spoke with her teacher and...........she is ready to go first grade next year!!! A very amazing achievement for her with her behavioral, developmental, and sensory disorder. I am so glad we chose to put her in a Waldorf school. The Waldorf Method is such a fantastic program for children with special needs. Jessica is blossoming into a happy and self assured little girl. We are so proud of her!!!

She has finally been diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder, anxiety, and seizure disorder. She is on meds for the anxiety and seizures. She seems to be doing pretty well on these meds. Her seizure med will probably have to be adjusted, due to a breakthrough seizure last week, but we are waiting to see if she has more before we call the neuro.


At this point, it seems that sweet little Hunter is having the most difficulties. He is having some horrible behavior difficulties. He has been in therapy for 7 months and he seems to be getting worse not better. We talked with his therapist and we have all agreed that is time for a change. Hunter will be seeing a Psychiatrist in about a month. During that time we will be using strict behavior modification to try and slow down some of these behaviors. The therapist feels that Hunter has ADHD and Oppostional-Defiant Disorder characteristics. She is anti meds and we have agreed with the no meds, until the past month, in which Hunters behaviors escalated into violent uncontrollable fits. Thank God, he is just doing these fits at home and in therapy. The reason why he does these behaviors at home is because he bottles it in all day, then he comes home, and explodes. Our fear is that eventually he will explode and it will happen at school.

Last Thursday, We had a parent-teacher meeting with Hunter's school teacher. She actually saw a lot of the same behaviors that we have. Hunter has trouble socializing with the other children, he prefers to be alone. He also has trouble staying still for any amount of time. If other children bother him he gets angry or becomes withdrawn. Because of the lack of maturity, his teacher feels it would be best to have Hunter repeat Kindergarten and we agreed. Hunter is an amazingly smart little boy but socially and emotionally he needs a little more help.


Matthew is doing Physical, Occupational, Behavioral Therapy, and Easter Seals Early Childhood Intervention. His service coordinator is also getting him a speech evaluation and Music Theraphy. We are doing Brushing therapy at home 4 times a day. We are so busy, I don't even know what day it is, unless I look at the calender the night before. In the beginning it was a very hard road, Matthew does not deal well outside of his environment. So there was a lot of screaming and crying in the beginning, it was very hard for both Matty and me, but we stuck it out, and he is doing much better. He actually gave his PT and OT hugs before he left his last appointments. Yeah, Matthew!!!!

Matthew is still having trouble walking and does a lot of falling down. His PT says Matty needs AFO's but because of his sensory issues she is afraid he won't be able to stand them. Ryan and I discussed it and have decided we would rather have him wear AFO's then have to have surgery to release his tendons in the future. So we will be discussing getting them with her next week. We are also in the process of getting Matty a more supportive seat at home, because when he sits for more than 10 min in a regular chair he becomes very stiff. Turns out that because of his overall weakness, he has to work very hard to sit up, so his muscles get stiff, which causes him to fall even more.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Life is anything but boring in my world!!!