February 10, 2009

If we had seen this Neuro, when Jessica was a baby, it could have saved us a lot of heartache!!!

Yesterday, we took Jessica to see Matthew's Neuro. Her Ped felt that she was having more seizures and wanted her to see her old Neuro again. We were like, No, we want her to see Matthew's Neuro, as he is one of the best in our county. So she reffered us to see him and a miracle happened, our insurance approved it. Whoohoo!!!

So anyway, we took her to see him. We had brought a list of all her weird difficulties since birth and he read her Medical reports and spoke with us. Guess what he said??? He said that all her weird problems were caused by PDD-NOS. That her weird problems were classic symtoms of PDD-NOS. He was shocked that it took so long for her to get a diagnosis. He told us that if he had seen her as a toddler, he would have been able to give us the diagnosis then. Damn...If we only had known!!! Our Ped and Jessica's Psychiatrist were the ones to finally tentively diagnose her, just last year. She was 6yrs old by that time. We had been to hell and back by that time. Grrrrr!!!! He just kept shaking his head in disbelief when we told him all we had gone through.

We spoke about her seizures and he feels that Jessica is having more now. He is ordering a 24hr Medication free EEG. Fun, Huh!!! He is also ordering a MRI because she is having numbness, fatigue, and pins and needles in her legs and numbness on one side of her face and in her tongue. He feels that she may have something going on in her brain. It would also explain her PDD-NOS, Seizures, Fatigue, Heat Intolerance, and weird sensations in her legs, face, and tongue.

We spoke about her inability to focus, he checked her out and he feels that she also suffers with ADD. We also spoke about the fact that her sleep and anxiety med called Clonidine is no longer working for her. He told us that after she has her EEG and her MRI, he was going to tweak her meds and maybe put her on a med for her ADD.

We are so glad that we got to see him. We finally feel like we have someone that supports us whole heartedly. He is so amazing and wants to help Jessica reach her full potential. Having a neuro who agrees with Jessica's Diagnosis, will do wonders in getting the school to help her. We couldn't be happier. Please feel free to go back to my post called " Princess Jessica is Locked in a Tower". It explains about the hell we went through trying for years to find her help.

It has been an amazing and harrowing ride, but finally it is time for us to get off. KWIM!!!!

Our life may be crazy, but it is our life!!! (stolen from John and Kate + Eight)