April 18, 2008

Keely and the Terrible, Horrible,No Good, Very Bad Week!!!

Another Life Changing Event for Me...

Last weekend, I felt like a truck hit me. I was extremely weak, I could barely get out of bed, having sharp pain in my left chest, heart has been racing, clammy, severely thirsty, and have a severe headache. I was not running a temp, so it is not something I caught. After three days of suffering, Ryan forced me to go to the hospital, monday morning.

Turns out......
On top of all my health problems....
I now have.......Diabetes!!!

I will have to take my blood sugar three time a day. The Dr. is going to try oral meds to regulate my blood sugar, but he feels that I will probably have to go on insulin. The Dr feels this way because, when I was in triage the nurse checked my blood and my sugars were 386. An hour later the Er Dr gave me some Glucophage. 3hours after the med my blood sugar was 291. Not big enough of a change. Specially since I hadn't eaten all day except for 3oz juice around 10am.

My symptoms were a combination of high and low blood sugars and dehydration caused by my peeing so much. My body was trying to regulate itself but because my Insulin wasn't doing it's job, everything went haywire. The Dr said that I have probably had diabetes for awhile and that it was lucky my body didn't shut down over the weekend.

The Dr said that I either have type 2 Diabetes or an Autoimmune type of Diabetes. He feels that it might be autoimmune because I have two other autoimmune diseases and these diseases tend to run together.

I feel terrible, I hate needles and shots. I have been on shots for my MS, every other day for almost a year, and I am still not used to it. Now lets just add tons of finger pricks, more meds, and maybe shots. On top of that I am going to have to learn to eat as a diabetic. Which has beeen harder than you could imagine. Counting carbs suck

So another life changing event has hit like a ton of bricks.

Lord, Help Me!!!!!

April 13, 2008

Why do people keep bugging me to potty train Matthew???

Specifically Ryan's Dad and Matthew's Headstart Homebase teacher Beverley. Ryan's dad wants Matthew potty trained so he doesn't have to change Matthew's diaper anymore when he babysits him. Beverley wants us to start potty training him because Matthew is almost three years old and typical 3 year olds are potty trained.

I have explained to them quite a few times that Matthew is not developmentally ready for such a task. How can I expect a child, who can't undress or dress himself and doesn't know and can't tell us when/or if he has gone peepee or pooped, to be ready to be potty trained. Pushing Matthew right now would be futile and cause both him and I undo stress.

Matthew is disabled. He is not a typical 34 month old. Both David and Beverly know this, have read the Doctors reports, and have seen it for themselves, but for some reason they can't come to terms with it. Their ignorance hurts me. I know that Matthew is disabled but to have to explain why he can't do something again and again is like rubbing salt into an open wound. The wound keeps opening and the pain is renewed.

I would love to not have to change diapers. I would love to clap and cheer for him as he pee's in the potty. I can't wait to do our line dance, while singing our "peepee in the potty, poopy in the potty"song. I can't wait until I can give him little lollipops when he poop's in the potty. I would love to see Matthew running around in little Thomas The Train undies. I want to take alot of photo's of those cute little buns running around.

Matthew is not ready right now. I believe that one day, with God's help, he will be. Just give him time!!!