September 30, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane, Barely Time to Lose My Mind!!!
(Life has become very busy here, as if it weren't been before)

This weekend we had three birthday's to celebrate:


We threw Jessica a Girl's Spa Party and Sleepover. We had seven 6yr olds in our small little apartment. It was controlled Mayhem. My best ""Friend"" bailed out at the last moment, so I had to do the party by myself with Ryan to sorta Referee. It was crazy, but the girl's were amazingly well behaved. the girl's and I made scented bath gel, lotion, bath salts, and Glitter gel. They had a blast!!! We then had pizza, decorated cupcakes, opened presents, and ended the night with Barbie's newest movie. Three of the girl's stayed overnight, the rest went home around 8:30pm, the girl's that slept over were asleep by 10 am. An amazing feet, I know! When the girl's left the next morning, they could not stop telling their parent's what a good time they had! Jessica told me that this was the best birthday she ever had. I am so glad. This party was a true success. I hope she remembers this party for years to come. We made some good memories, I am sure!!!


we gave Hunter a Birthday Bounce party, minus the bounce. Two hours before the party, I found out that the bounce place we were going to was closed do to a family emergency. Let me tell you, panic set in. The next hour, I spent calling all the bounce places in our area. None of them were available to take us. Just when I was about to rip out my hair, Ryan came up with the idea of taking the boy's to Miniature Golf. I called the Miniature Golf place and they said sure come on in. THANK GOODNESS! the boy's came to our Apartment, they had pizza, and then Ryan took them to play golf. I stayed home to get a much needed rest. Ryan and the boys then came back, we did cake/ice cream, Hunter opened his presents, we gave out goody bags, and then they all went home. A Great time was had by all. I have never seen hunter so happy.

Saturday night,

I had an intimate birthday party for Ryan. We sent the kids to granddaddy's and had a quiet night here. Ryan and I, had Take Out Chinese for dinner and then I gave him his presents. He was dying to get Guitar Hero 2, so I caved in and got it for him. I hate video games, but he so deserved it. The rest of the night he played his game and I watched shows that I had DVR'd during the past week. Yes, we are boring, but it was a much needed rest! Congratulations sweetheart, only one more year till you are 30. Heeee,Hee, Hee!!!


Ryan went to work and I spent the day organizing the house, folding laundry, putting away laundry, organizing drawers, and getting everyone/everything ready for the coming week.

Sunday night,

Matthew was up all night with Stomach pain and gas. It was a miserable time for both Matthew and I. Poor little guy, nothing I tried made him feel better. I was exhausted by Morning. A Sleep Deprived Mommy is never a good thing...

Monday Morning,

Matthew had an appointment at 7:30 am to be evaluated by Shriner's for their CP Clinic. Ryan dropped us off, then took J and H to a friends to be watched and then be taken to school, he then rushed back to Shriner's so he could be at the appointment. Turns out that Shriner's had supposedly called last week and changed our appointment to Wednesday. I was not thrilled, let me tell you. So when Ryan got there we packed up and went home. I checked caller I'd and did not see any calls from Shriner's, so i am not sure what happened. When we got home, we had lunch, and then Matthew and I crashed until about 4pm. Boy, poor Matthew was a bear the whole rest of the day. Bedtime couldn't have come quick enough. I was so glad to see this day end.


We had Hunter's School Birthday Celebration. I love Waldorf!!! I can't say that enough. Hunter's teacher told everyone little stories for every year of Hunter's first 5 years of life. She then gave each of his classmates and us a wishing Stone to give Hunter, along with everyone of us giving a wish to him. When all was said and done, Hunter was beaming with joy. Hunter is well loved by his class. I couldn't have been prouder of him, if I tried. Compared to last year he has grown so much. It is amazing what a year and a good teacher can do.


Matthew will finally have his eval at Shriner's at 7:30 am. I am so afraid that they are going to say that they will not take him as a client. I have heard that if they accept a child for care, that they will cover things the insurance won't. We really cannot give him all he needs due to cost and Medicaid issues. It would be a true blessing if they accept him for care. We are so tired of struggling with our Insurance to get him what he needs. We really need for them to take him on as a client. A Children's services worker came an evaluated him during a PT session and said that he is definitely going to need braces and that we must go to Shriner's because they will take good care of him. At this point I will do anything to get him the care he needs. His walk is getting so much worse, even with the orthotics. He continually falls down and gets hurt. Last week his Homebase teacher and I took him out to play for 20minutes. In that 20 minutes he fell at least 10 or more times. three of those times her scraped himself up. After about 20 minutes his teacher suggested we go in because she was afraid he was really going to hurt himself. I am praying that braces help him. Hopefully Shriner's will also be able to help us get his Special Needs Big Light Stroller the Neuro gave us a prescription for. It will be great for when he fatigues when we are out. He is to big for his stroller and weighs to much to be carried all the time.

Please, please, keep him in your prayers tomorrow! We could use some positive news right about now. We are getting so worn out.

Thank you for reading my blog. I know this one was long. Have a great week. Big Hugs!!!!

September 13, 2008

I am so tired!!!

Seems like my battle against the internal forces of evil is failing.
I force myself to get up everyday but it is getting harder and harder.
I feel so drained by fighting whatever is going on in my body.
Ryan tells me to take it easy and lay on the couch.
I can't do that because if I do, I will probably never get up.
Everbody commends me for doing such a great job, being so active and not giving up, while battling my illnesses.
If they only knew, how much I fight to make it everyday.
The last three days, I have been so tired that I spent most of them sleeping. If you know me, you will also know that I hardly ever sleep.
I am so afraid that things are getting worse.
Please pray that I make it through my 2 older Children's Birthday's.
I don't want them to remember celebrating their birthday with Mommy in the hospital.
Please pray that I make it through DH Ryan's birthday. I hate for him to have to worry on a day that should be celebrated.
Please pray that I overcome what is happening to me.
I need strength to fight but I feel sucked dry.